United Rock Products Wins Business of the Year

January 12, 2010

United Rock Products had the privilege of winning an award for Business of the Year from the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District.  Division 3 Director, Ed Chavez, awarded United Rock Products based on water conservation and the active role that they take in the local community.

Russ Caruso, VP/General Manager of United Rock Products, in a statement said "United Rock was looking towards the future when it comes to the scarcity of water in the San Gabriel Valley and we were making every effort to conserve water as much as possible. Because of the water shortage, we were very concerned about the impact that our operations could have on the local community. Therefore, we were looking for the best possible solutions to be able to recycle our water and be even more of an environmentally sustainable company". 

 Due to the installation of a belt press which was turned on in January of 2009, United Rock Products now has the ability to recycle up to 100% of the water needed for their operations.

URP Business of the Year Award