United Rock Continues Its Comittment to the Community

February 14, 2011

On Friday, February 11th, 2011, United Rock Products hosted a field trip for Junior Highers from Rio Hondo Prep School.

Some students drive by United Rock Products every school day, but didn't realize what United Rock actually does. First and foremost, in order to attract their attention and give them energy for the tour, students were fed pizza. It was lunchtime after all. After lunch, United Rock employees gave a brief safety overview to all 23 of the students and faculty that attended.

The intrigued junior highers were then taken throughout the entire 300-acre property to show the entire process of mining sand and gravel and what it is used for. From looking down at the twin-16 cubic yard floating dredge, to the 2.5 miles of conveyor belts that tunnel underneath three roads and one flood control channel, to the towering plant with its spiderweb of conveyors, to sitting in a massive Caterpillar 988G Loader where the controls reminded the students of a real-life, oversized video game, United Rock Products employees made sure to answer all the questions the class had. In addition, United Rock Products employees explained what construction aggregates are used for, the mining process, the reclamation process, and what efforts are being made to become a more sustainable operation at United Rock Products.

Dave Carson, with Kare Youth League, wrote in a letter to United Rock Products that stated, "I'm sure they came away with much greater knowledge of - and appreciation for - the importance of the mining industry in this area. In a day when so many young people are cynical, it is gratifying to see children who are excited about their future. They are beginning to see the results of the interest of people like you, and that is having a real positive impact in their lives".

Thank you Dave, Kare Youth League, and Rio Hondo Prep! We hope you'll look at us in a new perspective every time you drive by now. Just like Kare Youth League's logo says- "Building for Their Future", United Rock Products hopes we can help you help build their future too!