Yes, it’s important to United Rock that we supply the best aggregate products, which in turn produces sound construction projects and quality asphalt products. To us, reclamation is even more important.

Did you know it is likely that every sub-division, bridge, hospital, school, stadium, airport runway, sidewalk, road and highway in Los Angeles County has a little bit of Irwindale in it? It’s true.

United Rock Products, located in Irwindale, California manufactures high quality construction aggregate because we have direct access to the some of the best quality rock and gravel found in the Western United States.

Thanks to the nearby mountains, the San Gabriel River and a couple thousand years of rocks being deposited via the river, Irwindale now sits on a rock pile measuring about 1,000 feet deep called the San Gabriel Valley Alluvial Fan.

Before one stone is overturned in the life cycle of a quarry, a mine reclamation plan must be submitted to the lead agency in charge of approving the mine permits. Once the permits are approved, years of mining take place supplying the Los Angeles Basin with the primary ingredient to build and maintain its infrastructure. Once mining is completed and the reserves have been exhausted, the reclamation process begins.

The reclamation process involves filling the quarry with solid inert material. Solid inert waste does not decompose. It is defined as waste that will not undergo any biological, chemical, physical, or radiological transformation nor may it be biodegradable, hazardous, or organic.

Solid inert waste is classified as:

• Concrete
• Brick
• Clay
• Dirt
• Ceramics
• Glass

Several government entities require special care to be taken when reclaiming a mine. Each load is monitored via high-definition cameras. Special “sniffing-sensors” are placed near the soil to detect if it is contaminated or not. If a load is considered over the maximum allowable limit set forth by local, state, and federal agencies, it will not be accepted.

Sustaining Irwindale’s vitality is paramount to United Rock Products. When the site is fully-reclaimed to its natural state, it provides sustainable tax revenue for the city whether it is developed into residential, industrial or commercial property. This reclamation process is necessary because it enables United Rock Products’ continued participation in the revitalization of Irwindale and its surrounding communities.


Primarily consisting of crushed rock, sand and gravel, United Rock Products manufactures most products that specifically cater to the construction, ready mix, and asphalt industries. However, we are able to manufacture specialty products based on the client’s request.

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