Mining of Construction Aggregates at United Rock Products in the San Gabriel Valley has taken place since 1916. Originally started by United Rock Products sister company, Blue Diamond Materials, our top-rated 300-acre site is located in Irwindale, California, just 25 miles east of Los Angeles. Virgin aggregate material is processed into sand and gravel through cutting-edge crushing and screening operations. Our automated state-of-the-art truck load-out system can load, weigh, and ticket in as little as one minute. Whether making custom blends or creating new products, United Rock Products has the knowledge and commitment to meet even the most specialized customer needs.

We are part of Sully-Miller Companies consisting of Sully-Miller Contracting, Blue Diamond Materials and United Rock Products. Each company supports the other. United Rock provides the aggregate, Blue Diamond Materials – the hot and warm mix asphalt manufacturing, and Sully-Miller Contracting executes the projects

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Primarily consisting of crushed rock, sand and gravel, United Rock Products manufactures most products that specifically cater to the construction, ready mix, and asphalt industries. However, we are able to manufacture specialty products based on the client’s request.

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